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This is an edited form of an actual exchange of ideas between Deborah and her mother which will get you thinking.

Dear Deborah,

Why should a life require meaning? I don’t understand why it requires anything – it is a life – does a plant require meaning? It is alive. It needs sun and water to survive. It gives us nourishment. We love plants! But what is the meaning of a plant’s life? What a silly question (Richard Dawkins)! Seems hubristic to think one’s life has a meaning. What happened to the morality of humility?



'Art versus pornography' (


'Thank you for this helpful essay, which I very much appreciated reading' (The Lord Bishop of Chester who motioned The House of Lords debate to take note of the impact of pornography on society on 05 November 2015)


The United Arab Emirates’ budget surplus has led to a relaxation in austerity measures. This, alongside increased government spending in China and North America, has led to improved business confidence in the Middle East. This is according to the latest Global Economic Conditions Survey (GECS) from ACCA - the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a global body for professional accountants, and IMA – the Institute of Management Accountants.


Islamic finance is set to manage assets of $6.5 trillion globally by 2020 according to the Mehr News Agency. European investors, are watching its development in Muslim countries, such as the Gulf Region and Malaysia, with interest following Brexit. With its robust model underpinned by principles of risk aversion and deleveraging, it is being seen as a potential economic stabilizer for the continent.