'The Tunnels Between Us'


Sian Hughes (Poet & tutor at St Anne's College, Oxford University) "You are FAR more Angela Carter [than Philip Pullman]. Much more rich, playful, womanly, terrifying sort of stuff."


Chris Miller (Editor) "...a great writer...I'm delighted it's going well - it was obviously full of raw talent and I hope it is i. the first of several or even many and ii. it makes you a mint!"


Clapham Publishing Services: "YA literature is a booming little field at the moment and you have a good hook: witches, paintings, family intrigue."





Martin Kemp (Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, Trinity College, Oxford University): "a virtuoso effort in evocative coherence and temporal dislocation"


Bernard O'Donoghue (Poet and Emeritus Fellow, Wadham College, Oxford University):
"Wow! This is terrific - compelling and exciting and beautifully written: like Philip Pullman for grown-ups. Please send me the next chapter ASAP"